Five Questions for Beverly Tracy - The Saratogian

Five questions for Beverly Tracy - The Saratogian

Five questions for Beverly Tracy

Beverly Tracy of Beverly Tracy Home Design 

POSTED: 12/02/13, 7:50 PM EST | UPDATED: ON 12/03/2013

Beverly Tracy: Business owner and mother.

1 Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Beverly Tracy and I’m the owner of Beverly Tracy Home Design. I have a loving family and we all really enjoy the community out here. My business is opening up a design studio on Broadway. Our website will also be completed pretty soon. I’ve been in the area for about eight years now.

2 What brought you to the area?

I always heard from other people and clients as well about how great Saratoga is. My friends would always rave about how great the community is and how great it is to raise a kid there. I guess I just wanted to be a part of the community. It seemed pretty irresistible. The houses are great, too.

3 What makes your business so special to you?

I really enjoy what I’m doing. I work very closely with my clients. We collaborate with architects and other companies in order to make the perfect house that they want. I want their house to be uniquely what they want it to be like. I haven’t seen a place like this that works with the clients this much. I try my best to make the business a great experience for everyone involved. Whether it is the architects I’m working with, the housing companies or the clients themselves, I want everyone to be happy.

4 What is the best part about your job?

I always dreamed of being an interior designer. Growing up in Manhattan, I saw such a large variety of really great buildings and houses. I just love the variety of styles that everything has. The best part is that I love this job. I feel like I hear people complaining about their job all of the time. I don’t have that problem. I love meeting new clients and I love seeing them leave satisfied with the new design of their home.

5 Why did you decide to open up a design studio?

It was important to expand the business. This business has been around for a while, and I’ve always felt like it needed a place where I can meet up with the clients and the architects. It will be a great place to lay out the blueprints of the house and really dig deep into the heads of the clients. This is just another step to make the experience a lot better for the client.

— Justin Penman