The perfect mudroom

So, what's not to love about the perfect mudroom?  It's the "go-to" spot for, well, everything that comes into the house... which is why we take it so seriously when a client asks us to design a mudroom for their house.  We take into account the members of the family (how many, how old, what they do and carry), what they need to store (backpacks, coats, bags, books), and their lifestyles (do they wear dirty cleats, hats, stow soccer balls or computers?) to create the perfect mudroom for their needs.  Then we paint it the right color (in this case dark -- for a house filled with messy little boys!).  So this busy family of 4 has a cubby for each member of the family, with a spot for shoes and muddy cleats below and bins above for baseballs and book bags.  Perfect!